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My name is Casey Campbell. I’m a fishing addict, and I always have fishing on my mind in one way or another. It is ingrained in me, and I know I’m not the only angler that feels the pull of fishing. Hidden Hole Fishing is a site that will embody that spirit. It will be a place to read stories, get tips, share pictures and information, and find all the resources you need to get out and fish in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you are a novice or an expert, Hidden Hole Fishing will be a great resource for all anglers.

We plan to launch the site by Christmas 2017. Content will be limited at first, but will grow with a community of people dedicated to their sport. I invite you to come back after Christmas, take a look around and make it a regular stop while browsing the internet. Thanks for stopping by.

A nice 10 lb hen I landed on the Sandy River this fall.

Good luck and tight lines,

Casey E. Campbell

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