Site Update!

Hello all! I have decided to once again try to get my blog up and running. I have neglected it for more than a year, but I think it’s high time I stop being lazy and give this whole thing an overhaul.

First thing is first, I have a great beginning trout fishing guide I wrote for a friend that I plan on adapting to post on here. It’s very comprehensive, but not overly technical. It should be the perfect starting point for anyone interested in the abundant trout fishing opportunities here in the Pacific Northwest.

Secondly I have another great recipe to post. Though it may take a little longer to get that one up, I promise it won’t disappoint. Just make sure you are fully stocked with smoked salmon, because you are going to need it.

I’m also looking at maybe doing some affiliate marketing to bring the gear I talk about in my blog together for purchase in one place. As well as a pew producuts I truly believe in. When all is said and done I hope to have some starter packages for different types of fishing.

The last thing I’m considering is bringing contributors aboard, to help write articles and create content. It’s a big job trying to fill this page with enough content to keep it relevant, and that is part of the reason it’s laid dormant for so long. Bringing more contributors adds layers of expertise and variety to this site.

Thanks to anyone who reads this, and I hope you’ll come back and watch the progress. Stay tuned for some great content coming to your way soon. Happy holidays, and may your days be filled with chrome!

B run Coho!

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