Winter Steelhead

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First fish of the year! (2018) A nice 8lb buck.

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  1. Casey, Very nicely written stories. I can feel your passion in the reading. Some of the great pleasures are simple ones. I get on FB occasionally and stayed on long enough to find this post today. Maybe we can do some fishing during our late April trip to Portland. Wading may not be feasible for me. Tell me about the technical details of the fishing poles you catch these fish on. God bless you and your family. Happy New Year. Fred Bangeman Hi, Jordan.

    1. Thanks for the comment uncle Fred!

      To answer your question, I use a variety of rods. I have an 8′ 4″ Eagle Claw rod that I had found at a garage sale, That gave me my first Salmon. Since then I have made some upgrades. My final Coho of the season was caught on a Lamiglas Redline 9′ 4″ medium-heavy action spinning rod, rated to handle 10-20 lbs. I recently purchased another rod for Steelhead fishing. It is a Lamiglas X-11 10′ 6″ medium-light action spinning rod, rated for 6-12 lbs.

      April would be a great time to hook up with a Chinook Salmon. There are a couple of spots close to my house that are great for bank fishing, where it is not necessary to wade in. If you are interested, I would gladly take you out. I have all the gear we need, but of course a license and tags would be needed.

      Great to hear from you, and can’t wait to see you and aunt Barb when you visit.

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