Lamiglas X-11


The X11’s are technique-specific Lamiglas salmon & steelhead fishing rods. Based on decades of innovative design from Lamiglas, this extremely popular series has sold and caught fish consistently. There is a wide range of actions that match the techniques we use to catch steelhead & salmon. These rods are fished daily among guides & anglers. They are especially popular across the USA in states like Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Minnesota, Alaska, Ohio, Pennsylvania and beyond. Cork handles are ergonomically designed and tapered to fish long days in rain, sun and snow. They can be fished with artificials or bait effectively. The series has a elegant but serious look due to the gloss finish of the blank. Guides & reel seats are chosen to match popular reel choices whether spinning or baitcasters There are salmon rods optimized for trolling flashers, herring, spinners, anchovies, 360 flashers (like the protroll) and plugs like kwikfish and maglips. You’ll find universal multi-technique rods in spinning and casting versions that can do just about anything on the boat or the bank. You’ll find agile steelhead models that excel in float fishing, casting spoons & spinners, drift fishing bait and corkies, or twitching jigs. When it comes to the X-11 series, you finally have an option in an affordable price range, with the excellent blank design. There are other designs and models in the X-11 series from cork handles to fly & ultralight rods, so be sure to check out the entire series. Lamiglas has been innovating in rod development since 1949. Starting as a blank manufacturer of fiberglass designs, Lamiglas evolved into the premier rod & blank company, offering technique-specific fishing rods. Innovating in graphite, fiberglass and composite designs, Lamiglas has always kept at the forefront of the industry through rapid responsive development work. Many of the top brands that compete in the industry have their roots at Lamiglas.

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